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09 Oct

Bold and Beautiful – How To Dive Alongside Reef Manta Rays

The who: What is a manta ray? Contrary to popular belief, the manta ray is not dangerous like its relative, the stingray. The manta ray does not have a stinger or barb and only eats plankton, rendering it harmless to humans. They have large forward-opening jaws to filter food through and their eyes are on […]

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01 Oct

How To Be Prepared for Your Time in Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is the ultimate diver’s paradise. Rugged, remote, untouched, and pristine. However, it’s important to be prepared for visiting such a location. Here are some important tips to help you be prepared and make the most of your holiday. Visas for Indonesia First things first, visas. Most countries will get a free 30-day tourist […]

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23 Sep

22 Reasons to go Diving in Raja Ampat

Indonesia, the world-famous archipelago, covers 1,919,443 square kilometers area with its 17,508 islands, totaling up to 54,720 km of coastlines. Being called a tropical paradise, the country lives up to worldwide expectation by having tens of thousands of remarkable sea creatures roaming underwater, mostly untouched by human civilization, as well as the current number of […]

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16 Sep

7 Things You Should Know About Being Fit For Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is a physical and mental activity that takes a toll on your body. Here are 7 tips to help you not only stay safe but to get the most out of your time in the water. Scuba diving is a super fun and rewarding sport. It pairs both physical and mental aspects all […]

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05 Sep

Raja Ampat – The Last Paradise

Why you need to add Raja Ampat, West Papua to your list of scuba diving liveaboard experiences. What is on the top of your list when it comes to a good scuba diving experience: visibility, marine life, corals, temperature, boat snacks, price? The list could go on. Most hot spots for diving can certainly tick […]

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23 Aug

10 Reasons to Head to Labuan Bajo for a Komodo Liveaboard Experience

Introducing you to Labuan Bajo, the gateway to the hottest Indo-Pacific hotspot for diving this year, Komodo National Park. Growing in popularity since receiving it’s National Park status in the early 1980s; a time when only the most experienced divers visited the small harbour town on the Indonesian island of Flores. This small community has […]

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02 Aug

Megafauna: Best Komodo Dive Sites to Find Your Favourite

Have you still got a certain species of megafauna that seems like it’s a buried treasure that will never be found? Well, look no further than this blog post. What you’ll find below will make a SCUBA enthusiast richer than any gold ever will. You’ll find the directions to steer yourself toward the ideal Komodo […]

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02 Aug

Currents: How to Safely Dive Them

Introduction to Komodo National Park’s currents What causes the currents in Komodo National Park? Komodo National Park’s stunning biodiversity and famous currents are due to its location between two seas. These two seas are the Flores Sea to the north and the Sumba Strait/Savu Sea to the south. The Pacific Ocean feeds the Flores Sea […]

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07 Feb

DOCK Komodo: Providing Safe Diving and Biodiversity Protection

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29 Sep

Corals of Komodo: Why Conservation is Vital

The latest studies indicate that as much as 27% of monitored reef formations have been lost globally. In the Indo-Pacific ocean, home to Komodo National Park, the reef is disappearing at twice the rate that rainforests are. Bearing in mind that we all know how fast the rainforest is disappearing, this is not acceptable. In 1980, […]

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