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Raja Ampat Liveaboard

Raja Ampat Liveaboard – Adventuring through Raja Ampat- the Coral Triangle. Raja Ampat is calling us to explore its 2500 islands, 1320 interesting species of fish and 550 species of coral. We invite you to discover the rich marine life and the beautiful coral reefs with us on our Raja Ampat budget Liveaboard. Diving in Raja Ampat is world class and we take you to “off the beaten track” to experience the best of it. We take only 12 guests on board per trip. For your safety and comfort, we assign 4 divers per guide to make sure your experience through the wonders of Raja Ampat is exceptional and unforgettable. Aboard our vessel, we like life is without hassle. Our professional crew has years of experience, the region, and its conservation is their passion! Be aware-the love for Raja Ampat is contagious! You can contact us with any questions and bookings. (Check out ...
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Komodo Liveaboard

Komodo Diving & Liveaboard – Scuba Republic Indonesia is proud to present one of the most famous dive sites in the world – Komodo National Park, a protected UNESCO World Heritage site. Komodo National Park features some of the most exotic and diverse environments on earth, from the famous Komodo Dragons roaming the beaches to 150+ species of birds, buffalo and monkeys. Komodo National park is every diver’s dream- here we get to explore hundreds of species of fish and corals also the pristine underwater reefs. We also have great chances to encounter pelagigs like manta rays and sharks, wonderful critters and marvel the rich and diverse marine life. Our Komodo Liveaboard is simple but comfortable for you to spend your time relaxing, eating or sun bathing while not diving. Or why not do a little bit snorkeling in the calm bays. We also arrange trips to beaches on assigned ...
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