Raja Ampat has a deserved reputation as one of the best places in the world for diving and underwater photography, but from what we’ve seen on the internet, few seem to realise that the snorkeling in Raja Ampat is also among the world’s best. The range of habitats and marine life in the ocean’s top few metres is just astounding. Even better, most accommodation in Raja Ampat has fantastic snorkeling available right at the door.

Our Scuba Republic Dive Resort in Raja Ampat will accommodate you to enjoy your snorkelling. Scuba Republic have snorkelling guides ready to accompany you to provide a better snorkelling experience. So, you can feel save when you enjoy the beautiful marine park.

It is recommended that you use a snorkelling guide for this excursion, and you can stay at Raja Ampat Dive Resort. We will accommodate you to explore the waters in Raja Ampat. Contact us for more info.

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