Newsletter Scuba Republic Indonesia (February 2017)

Lievaboard Diving IndonesiaWelcome to the Scuba Republic – A short introduction, the Scuba Republic is a newly founded company but with a team thats been around for a long time. We where the operative part of Wicked diving now forming a new dive company. We have been running dive operations in Indonesia since 1999. Our moto here on Scuba Republic is to deliver the highest quality of sevice and proffesionalism to the best value for money in Indonesia best know and unknown areas. we have passionatly been exploring the unkown part of indonesia for almost 2 decades pioneering Komodo, Raja ampat, Sulawesi, Alor and the spice Islands. With scuba Republic this legacy continue and we are currently exploring operationwaters no liveaboard reached yet so keep tuned!

Jaya, is still running our weekly liveaboard trips threw Raja ampat, still with the same crew under the command of Rachel and Matt. We are also planing a bunch of new expeditions with Jaya to the unkown paradises of Indonesia not yet discovered by the mainstream dive operators.

Komodo Liveaboard

Our brand new liveaboard Epica will be running our Komodo Liveaboard trips doing 4 and 7 day trips threw the park. Check out the Itinery and pricelist for 2017!

For advanced divers looking beyond the normal liveaboard experience check out Busygirl our 4 guesst elite liveaboard.

Raja Ampat Liveaboard

We are launching a new Raja Ampat dive adventure with scuba republics dive safari.This is a awsome new way of ecperience the whole of Raja ampat on the budget of day diving. We are doing 3 dives a day from our dayboat Vesta and sleeping overnight in Local homestays. This Uniqe trip is the best deal to reach the same divesites as the liveaboards and stay on some of the most incredible beaches in the world, a perfect combination with our Raja Ampat Dive Resort.

Bira Dive Camp South Sulawesi

Scuba republics dive camp in Bira on Sulawesis souther tip is the perfect location to improve your diving, We offer great deals on packages on all courses and some of the best deals on diving you find in Indonesia. Bira offers excellent diving with dramatic drop offs and crystal clear water. Great muckdiving and Large fish encounters. Not to mention our location on one of the Whitest beaches you ever seen!!

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