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A manta ray in Komodo National Park

Megafauna: Best Komodo Dive Sites to Find Your Favourite

Have you still got a certain species of megafauna that seems like it’s a buried treasure that will never be ...
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Safe Diving off of Hiu Bodoh

Currents: How to Safely Dive Them

Introduction to Komodo National Park’s currents What causes the currents in Komodo National Park? Komodo National Park’s stunning biodiversity and ...
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Corals of Komodo: Why Conservation is Vital

The latest studies indicate that as much as 27% of monitored reef formations have been lost globally. In the Indo-Pacific ...
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DOCK Komodo: Providing Safe Diving and Biodiversity Protection

What is DOCK? Labuan Bajo, home to one of the Scuba Republic’s three shops, is an ever-growing town. The town’s ...
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4th Report – Expedition Maumere to Ambon

4th and final report – Banda to Ambon With a dry day in front of us we start on a tour ...
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3rd Report – Expedition Maumere to Ambon

Two-week expedition liveaboard Maumere to Ambon 3rd report – Banda Sea Half way through our journey we are now in the ...
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2nd Report – Expedition Maumere to Ambon

Two-week expedition liveaboard Maumere to Ambon 2nd report – Alor to Banda The Jaya is restocked and we’re ready to depart ...
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1st Report – Expedition Maumere to Ambon

In the large seaport of Maumere, on the north east of Flores we start our journey up to Ambon. Eager ...
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Komodo National Park Celebrate 37th

Komodo National Park Gift by Google

Today (March 6, 2017), Komodo National Park celebrate their 37th birthday. Interestingly, Google also celebrating it with the look and ...
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Komodo Labuan Bajo Airport

Komodo Airport set to meet international standard

The airport management company, PT Angkasa Pura, will cooperate with private party to develop the Komodo Airport in Labuan Bajo, ...
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