Bira, South Sulawesi

Bira is famous for its white beaches and large marine life. It is located 20km South East of Makassar (Ujung pandang) , the capital of Sulawesi. We are convinced that Bira will become a major tourist destination in the future, until then, we enjoy the tranquility.

Bira is home of the Konjo tribe and the heart of maritime culture in Indonesia. The Birians have been sailors for as long as history has been recorded. It is one of the last living sailing cultures in the world.

Sulawesi has been separated from other landmasses for 40 million years creating a unique flora and fauna. In Bira we are often visited by the Sulawesi makak, the biggest makak there is. These monkeys are endemic to Sulawesi together with some other strange animals like the pigdear and the bearcat.

In Bira and surrounding villages there is still a living boat building tradition. Here there is massive wooden ships getting crafted by hand on the beach. The craftmanship and timbers is breathtaking.

South Sulawesi hosts some of the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia. The camp is located on one, but if you rent a motorbike and follow the coast north you will find a number of white amazing and untouched beaches.



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