Diving Komodo with Scuba Republic dive center


Komodo National Park is a truly world class diving destination. The combination of clear water and outstanding marine biodiversity make the area exceptional for naturalists, photographers and the casual visitor alike. The National Park was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1991 and is considered one of the seven wonders of the natural world.

The dive sites in Komodo can be technically challenging due the very strong current commonly encountered in many areas. It is important that the current conditions are understood and dives are guided only by seasoned professionals that not only know where to dive but also understand when and how to dive the site .

At Scuba Republic we take safety seriously. We believe diving should be fun and not stressful. All our guides are exceptionally experienced and understand the complexities of this area. If you are a novice we will find you relaxed and beautiful reefs to enjoy.  Alternatively, if you are experienced and appreciate the amazing biomass and the larger predators that only diving in strong current can bring, we can tailor itineraries specifically for your needs.  The Scuba Republic difference is that we offer a range of products on a variety of boats to meet specific needs of all skill levels. Our products are as diverse as the diving itself.   We can offer scheduled day trips, scheduled Live aboard departures (of various durations), or even your own private and affordable Live aboard charters for small groups of up to five, perfect for families or dive professionals that are looking to be creative with their itinerary. There is something for everyone. Let us know what you want or, if in doubt, lets talk about it and we can work it out together.

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About the Komodo dive center

Our Komodo headquarters is located in central Labuan Bajo, the main port of entry to the National Park.  We are strategically located, only a few hundred meters from the harbour on the main road. The central location provides access to accommodation in all price ranges and all the best restaurants in town. Local flavours and international cuisine are all represented.  For an authentic local experience we are only a 5 minute walk from the fish market where you can have the freshest fish barbecue for an incredible price.

Why Choose Scuba Republic:

  1. Extremely experienced guides. You will not be guided by anyone that is new to the area.
  2. Small groups. We do not make groups larger than 4 per guide. We also base our groups on levels of experience.
  3. We take safety seriously. You can expect concise briefings illustrated with a map of the dive site . Tide tables will be adhered to. Dives will be timed properly. The current will be checked and double checked to ensure that you drop in the right place and get the greatest and safest dive possible.
  4. Food! Forget about the soggy sandwiches found on most day boats . We have a kitchen in all our boats so you can enjoy freshly cooked food.
  5. Space. You will not be cramped on our boats. We have the largest and most spacious day boat in Labuan Bajo. Enjoy your time between dives reclining on giant bean bags in the shade and enjoy the breeze.

Price and Packages

1 Fun Dive 2 IDR 1.500.000
2 Fun Dive 2 + Dragon IDR 1.800.000
3 Fun Dive 3 IDR 1.800.000
4 Open Water Course (Online Theaory – IDR 800.000) IDR 6.000.000
5 Advanced Open Water Course (AOWC) IDR 5.500.000
6 Nitrox & AOWC IDR 7.700.000
7 Nitrox (Dry) IDR 2.200.000
8 DSD (2 Dives) IDR 2.200.000
9 DSD (3 Dives) IDR 2.500.000
10 Scuba Review (Add On)  + IDR 600.000
11 Adventure Dive (Each, Add On) + IDR 600.000
12 EFR IDR 2.200.000
13 Rescue Course IDR 6.000.000
14 EFR + Rescue Bundle IDR 7.700.000
15 Snorkeling IDR 700.000
16 Night Dive (Bida Dari) IDR 900.000
17 Boat Sharing Between DOCK member IDR 1.000.000

A Few words about medicine and safety

Komodo National Park should still be considered as a remote destination. The medical facilities are limited. Emergency evacuations may take 12-24 hours to the nearest major hospital in Bali and a possible helicopter transfer from Labuan Bajo Siloam Hospital is extremely expensive. We will need any and all medical questions and concerns addressed and cleared before your arrival. Our staff or the local doctors are not qualified to decide whether an individual is fit to dive. In some cases we ask guests to provide medical proof. (If so happens that you’re already in Indonesia we can recommend facilities in Bali)

A full travel insurance that covers possible evacuations AND diving accidents, is required for all our guests. However we do recommend to include cover for any cancellations e.g. flights as Indonesian airlines are known for changing or even cancelling their flights rather frequently. In case where you cannot show proof of travel insurance at the time of check-in you will be given opportunity to purchase one. Without insurance, or the proof of it, we will not permit you to part on the trip. We do not issue any refund for lack of insurance. Upon check in we also require you to sign a liability release form.

For any food allergies or dietary restrictions we kindly ask you inform us before boarding. We will try to meet your requirements but due to our remoteness we cannot guarantee to fill them. However our crew is happy to prepare ingredients provided to us so feel free to purchase supplies before coming for the trip.