Jaya Liveaboard Team



Cruise Director

Almost 20 years in the industry, Rachel has probably spent more time on and in the water than on land. In May 2015 she fell in love with the Jaya and made it her home. Whether in Komodo, Raja Ampat or the expedition trips in between, her efficiency and cool head make running a boat look like a walk in the park. But if you’re ever foolish enough to play cards with Rachel, you’ll see the glint of steel hiding behind her fun loving, easy going manner. Fair warning has been given.



Dive Instructor

To increase her chances of finding Aquaman Erika decided in 2012 to pursue a professional dive career. While roaming the seas, she kept busy introducing land rats to the underwater realm. Teaching in different countries she has picked up a variety of languages – among them “whale”. Settling on the Jaya in 2017, Erika doesn’t just pass on her experience as a guide and instructor, but also makes sure your equipment is always faultless and serviced. As befits a companion of Dory, her fashion statement is outrageously colourful.




Our faithful captain has been with the Jaya since the beginning and knows her like the back of his hand. Attuned to her every mood and quirk he navigates the waters of Indonesia with a competency that can only be acquired through years of experience. He takes a firm hand with his crew and runs a tight ship. But once a year you get to see the playful side of him. If you happen to be on board on his birthday, you’re in for a slippery surprise!



Dive Guide

Yunus is an institution on the Jaya. Born in Flores, he originally joined as a chef. Curious and soaking up information like a sponge, he started learning English by watching WWE. We’re pleased to report that his vocabulary has expanded considerably since he started training as a dive guide in 2016. Happy to have swapped preparing fish for observing fish, he now excels at finding the rarest, best camouflaged creatures the sites have to offer. He is also a good source of entertainment on land. You want to see Yunus dance – just play Despacito. Works like a charm.

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