Diving Expeditions Indonesia

Diving Expeditions Indonesia – We at Scuba Republic have a long history of making Exploration Expeditions type trips through the waters of Aisa.
The KLM Jaya was originally built to be a sail and dive exploration vessel, and through the years we have done no less than 25 Expeditions covering more than 40.000 Nautical miles. Which is the equivalent to 2 turns around the globe? So we have done this before!!!
Our first expeditions were 50 days aboard and a combination of diving,  exploring and sailing. Most of our partners and associates here in  Indonesia came aboard on one of our expeditions, which says  something about the bounds made, spending such long periods of time  together on a boat is as much of a personal and social journey as it  is geographically

What is an Expedition with The Scuba Republic?

On our diving expeditions Indonesia we are doing long and intensive trips with a pre-determined agenda/topic. It could be looking for new operational waters, finding manta cleaning stations, tagging hammerheads or filming whale sharks. On the expedition all aboard is considered crew there, will be no guests and no staff,, there is no service  pampering or in water guiding. We will be eating local food and shower when we have freshwater and work together as one. The social part is as important as the diving or travelling and its equally challenging as it is rewarding.
To be on an Expedition Trip is completely different form our normal itinerary trips, we don’t know what to expect and we may spend longer times looking for the right spot. Some days will be spent exploring new dives site and areas, which may not be typical to ‘normal ‘ dive sites.
Dive sites that could be sandy bottoms or sparse reefs, but my  experience is that some of these “boring” dives can be the most  rewarding,, finding something new even if it’s just a little boomie  with a rare specimen or hitting a school of mobulas rays in the blue.
With the anticipation of anything could appear at any time.

Why do we do it?

A huge part of our 20 year of success as a  dive operation is based  on our never ending passion for exploration and discovery. These Expedition trips are a key component to this.
Since the dawn of time man has strived to discovery un chartered territories, unfortunately there are not many left in the world but  there are lots of un chartered dive sites.
From this exploring we are developing our selves on many levels ; we are also gaining experience on a personal and professional level. I can’t give enough examples of this, but I will give you one very good example, Years ago we did a 1 month Komodo exploration expedition. Komodo was far from undiscovered as it had been dived for decades.  By intensively diving the known and unknown sites for 30 days without  being tied to a schedule we have gained what is today the current  junkies elite operations dive sites.
Diving Expeditions Indonesia such as these have been the basis for what is today the liveaboard trips in Indonesia.
Trips are designed to keep prices low for the diver.

Who should go?

Diving Expeditions Indonesia is more demanding then normal scheduled trips and  the whole team need to be competent able divers.
Also need to have to a strong sense of adventure and a flexible approach to time.
Our plans can change for example if we spot Mola Mola on the surface as has happened in Alor 2016 Expedition, than dive times and travel times may change as well. If there are pods of dolphins to swim with  or we can dive the more exciting choice might be made. Basically with  eyes and ears open a days plan can change.
Things might get frustrating, you might get irritated by your cabin mate for making a mess and frustrated with your expedition companions dinner manner or the expedition leaders choice of drop point. Not all people love every single day of the Expedition trip. There will be better days than others. Saying that the good will outweigh the bad it will be the trip of a life time.
This is what you will tell your grand kids about. We will be taking applications but you should be a dive professional, have minimum of 100 dives and be confident in planning and performing your own dives.

If this is something you would like to be a part of please contact us