What is an Expedition? Our expeditions are quite different from our normal trips. Although there is a general outline, we keep the itinerary open to changes and adjustments, following the slogan ‘Expect the unexpected’. An Expedition is generally longer than our scheduled trips and often starts and ends in different ...
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Dive Charters

The ultimate diving luxury is without a doubt to charter your own boat and design your own liveaboard experience. We make this possible. Depending of your comfort requirements, preferred region, group size and budget, we have different options available. A’boya - Luxury Getaway Our dedicated private charter boat A’boya is ...
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Dive Safari

Join Scuba Republic for a truly unique and unforgettable dive and land adventure safari in amazing Raja Ampat.We explore the best dive spots located on the Dampier Strait and make land excursions to stunning viewpoints, beaches, caves, and other places of interest. During your safari, you will support the local ...
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Komodo Dive Center

Answer your Soul’s call to adventure and experience the unconventional. Komodo National Park has one of the richest marine environments on the planet – and we know how to best dive it. We believe diving should be fun, not stressful. Our experienced dive professionals uphold the highest safety standards to ...
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Our "Next" Dive Master Say

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