Open Water Dive Course

Open Dive Course IndonesiaOpen Water Dive Course -A dedicated and protected shallow water beach with warm and clear waters! Add to that the patience and friendly encouragement of your Scuba Republics’ instructor and you will quickly feel safe, confident and rather pleased with yourself that you’re mastering the skills of scuba diving!
A range of experiences are on offer for those who want to give it a go, while SSI entry level courses let you get your first scuba certification with a professional, safe and fun instructor.

How long does the Open Water course take and what is involved?
It usually takes 3 to 4 days to get certified. You can even start the theory in the comfort of your own home with the digital learning option.
With digital learning you can get started today, whilst traveling with your tablet or smartphone or at home from your PC/laptop. This way you will spend less time in the classroom and more quality time in the resort and under water. Choosing the right study method for you, depends on your budget, learning style and how much time you have available. 12 to 15 hours should be enough to complete all the theory required for the Open Water Diving Course.

Knowledge Development
During 6 theory sessions you will work your way through the videos, knowledge reviews and an exam. All this will prepare for your following dive training sessions.

Confined Water Training
Now, that the theoretical part is out of the way, it is time to put your freshly acquired knowledge in to practice. There will be 5 dive skill sessions in shallow warm water of the Pacific Ocean.

Open Water Training
Diving in the Ocean – that is, what it all is about! The time has come to take all you have learnt in the classroom and confined water training, and move it to the ocean. You will do 4 dives in the Ocean.
But be warned … After diving in Raja Ampat with its abundance of coral and fish life and its clear waters, you will be spoiled for a lifetime, and might have to come back on a regular basis to fuel the addiction!

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