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13 Jan

Introducing the Secrets of the Cost of Komodo Diving

We all know that scuba diving is not one of the cheapest activities you could partake in. Especially when travel comes into it. The name Komodo is renowned for its world-class diving! Especially within the diving community in Indonesia! The destruction of our environment means our excellent dive sites in Komodo National Park are deteriorating. […]

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23 Dec

Exclusive: What You Need To Know About Diving And Periods

This topic is sometimes perceived as taboo and not discussed in public. Time to break the barriers and discuss the uncomfortable. It is a topic that affects many scuba divers around the world. So let’s get into it… Now, ladies, we know this is a biggy! Diving into the unknown with your period can be […]

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17 Dec

Accommodation and Food in Raja Ampat – What to Expect

While incredible, the key to getting the most out of your time in Raja Ampat is to have realistic expectations. Here’s the low down on accommodation and food. Accommodation choices Welcome to Raja Ampat. Still off the beaten path of most tourists. The diving is impeccable, with some of, if not the highest marine diversity […]

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04 Dec

The Insider’s Guide: When To Visit Komodo And Labuan Bajo

The big question that’s on everyone’s lips! When should I visit Komodo? Easy. Komodo is great all year round! Done? Not quite. This is Indonesia and of course, the weather plays a major part in your travel plans. It dictates how you spend your time and what you can realistically achieve while on your holiday. […]

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16 Sep

7 Things You Should Know About Being Fit For Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is a physical and mental activity that takes a toll on your body. Here are 7 tips to help you not only stay safe but to get the most out of your time in the water. Scuba diving is a super fun and rewarding sport. It pairs both physical and mental aspects all […]

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23 Aug

10 Reasons to Head to Labuan Bajo for a Komodo Liveaboard Experience

Introducing you to Labuan Bajo, the gateway to the hottest Indo-Pacific hotspot for diving this year, Komodo National Park. Growing in popularity since receiving it’s National Park status in the early 1980s; a time when only the most experienced divers visited the small harbour town on the Indonesian island of Flores. This small community has […]

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