Busy Girl Team


Emma Tolmie

Cruise Director

Fascinated by sharks since she was a little girl, Emma left Scotland at the age of 18 in search of the elusive Great White. But it will be another 17 years until she finally encounters her favourite shark! Her journey into the underwater world began as a Crayfish diver in the Torres Strait. In 2013 she followed her calling to become a professional mermaid and has since been guiding and teaching in Thailand, South Africa, Mexico and Indonesia.
When Emma took over the Busy Girl in 2018, her adventurous spirit found its perfect match in the thrill seeking, fast paced diving the boat was designed for.
But underneath her daring personality lies an artistic soul. Creative and inspired by her passion for the sea, she draws the most delicate maps on the planet.

Busy Girl's Captain

Captain Man


Captain Man (aka Kep) has been on the helm of the Busy Girl since 2016 and has kept crew and guests safe and sound while navigating the feisty waters of the Komodo National Park.
Before Man joined Current Junkies, he captained a cargo boat plying his trade throughout the Indonesian Archipelago from Sumatra to Papua. He will gladly regale you with stories of wild Indonesia – if you can overcome his shyness.
Man loves nothing more than riding Komodo’s currents, but once we anchor for the night, he likes to indulge in a game of chess.

Busy Girl Team
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