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Why Being An Inspiring Woman In Scuba Diving Is Important

Women and diving Women are breaking down the barriers of sexism within action sports. However, scuba diving is still a ...
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Five Reasons To Become A Divemaster At Scuba Republic

Divemaster at Scuba Republic Have you ever wanted to leave your normal job and pursue an alternative lifestyle? Have you ...
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Eating A Vegan Diet In Bajo; Can It Be Done?

Eating vegan in Indonesia For vegans, eating out abroad can be challenging. It can sometimes feel like a chore. The ...
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The Bucket List: Sea Creatures You have to See in Raja Ampat

If you’ve read about the utter magnitude of the diving in West Papua, it could be presumed that you’re already ...
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Introducing the Secrets of the Cost of Komodo Diving

We all know that scuba diving is not one of the cheapest activities you could partake in. Especially when travel ...
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Why Raja Is The Most Amazing Diving In The World Year Round

Many people ask when the best time to dive Raja Ampat is. The answer is very much dependent on what ...
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Exclusive: What You Need To Know About Diving And Periods

This topic is sometimes perceived as taboo and not discussed in public. Time to break the barriers and discuss the ...
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Accommodation and Food in Raja Ampat – What to Expect

While incredible, the key to getting the most out of your time in Raja Ampat is to have realistic expectations ...
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Every season is a good season to jump right into the beautiful clear waters of Komodo National Park. What are you waiting for!

The Insider’s Guide: When To Visit Komodo And Labuan Bajo

The big question that’s on everyone's lips! When should I visit Komodo? Easy. Komodo is great all year round! Done? ...
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How to Decide on the Most Awesome Dive Adventure for You

Between Liveaboards, Dive Safaris, and our Beach Bungalows - there is something here at Scuba Republic for every diver. Here ...
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Labuan Bajo: Is There Life Outside of Diving?

You’ve heard people raving about Komodo’s diving scene and the ripping currents. You’ve become hooked on the idea of diving ...
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The Beginner’s Guide To Reducing Your Air Consumption

Air consumption while diving is always a big topic of discussion. As it is always a disappointment to miss out ...
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