2017, The end of the fuel price expensive in Papua

Deputy Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce of Eastern Indonesia Andi Rukman Karumpa said this year the President Joko Widodo and Vice President Jusuf Kalla has visited dozens of times to the eastern region of Indonesia (KTI). In fact, to the easternmost province of Papua, the President has visited twice

Andi said that since the inauguration, the President has visited five times. The President also has established a policy of one price for gasoline in Papua this year

“Fuel (fuel oil) is the most expensive commodity in Papua. This year the highest price was over. It’s a courage because if you wait for a new ready infrastructure menurunkam price, until doomsday fuel prices will remain high in Papua, “says Andi through a written statement in Jakarta, Sunday (01/01/2017)

fuel prices at Raja Ampat

Kadin, he said, appreciate the Jokowi-JK government attention to the eastern part of Indonesia during 2016. He said he considered, this year was the biggest concern of the central government during the history of the republic stands.

“This year is a very big concern of the central government for KTI, can be said to have the biggest year in the history of the republic stands,” he said.

He also praised the government policies which divide the Regional Military Command (Kodam) Cendrawasih Military Command in Papua and Sulawesi Wirabuana. The military command increased to kodam cassowary and led by the son of Papua’s indigenous and Army of West Papua Merdeka in North Sulawesi.

“This year too, the government accelerate the construction of as many as 187 border areas ranging from Pulau Rondo to NTT, including in Skouw, Jayapura, Papua. In fact, a number of cross-border post has been inaugurated this year” he concluded.





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