1st Report – Expedition Maumere to Ambon

In the large seaport of Maumere, on the north east of Flores we start our journey up to Ambon. Eager and excited faces greet us as guests climb aboard the Jaya. Many of them have been on board before, for a liveaboard trip in Komodo or Raja Ampat, so it’s just like coming home. We head out of the harbour as introductions are made, we are officially on our way!

We soon approach the first dive site as everyone gears up, we are ready to get underwater.  Slowly making our way along the seemly endless wall, Orangutan crabs and Nembrotha nudis are some small stuff quickly spotted. A moray here, a lion fish there, many things to see.

Back in the water again for the next dive. White sand giving the wall a Christmas snowy feel. A gentle drift pushing us past massive Gorgonian Sea fans and even bigger barrel sponges. Napoleon wrasse and white tip reef sharks hang out in the depths below.

A good day of diving to start the trip finished off by an amazing sunset. While we retire for the evening the Jaya keeps moving eastward bringing us towards Serbete.

Waking up to flat seas, the water takes on a turquoise shade of blue. Jumping in, we are greeted by black tip reef sharks and schooling fusiliers. Following the reef along, Tuna and Spanish mackerel swim past.


We enjoy breakfast as we continue eastward having left Flores behind and seeing the coast of Anduara. Doing our first muck dive of the trip doesn’t disappoint, solar powered nudis, giant nudis with emperor shrimp, ghost pipefish and more.

Our third dive of the day is a nice drift dive past coral bommies and stag horn gardens. Garden eels sitting way out of their homes look like a moving floor. Finished diving for the day Jaya crosses towards Alor through the night.

We start the day diving along a wall with big overhangs housing schools of sweet lips and snappers. Big schools of fusiliers play out in the deep blue that doesn’t end. A giant barracuda comes to say hi. A turtle eats it’s breakfast.

Getting in again we see boulders covered with anemones and soft coral. Wait! Was that a thresher shark? Could be. Drifting past a colourful wall is life, the slightly colder water doesn’t bother anyone.

Heading into Kalabahi harbour where guests get the chance to explore and the Jaya restocks for the next leg up towards Banda. Covering 161 nautical miles and 7 dives in 3days. We look forward to the next leg!