14 Days Diving Trip Raja Ampat Ambon Area

From Waisai, Raja Ampat to Ambon

Two Week Expedition 14 days 13 nights May 8th – May 21st 2019

Base price US$3200 (10% discount to return customers of Scuba Republic and dive professionals)

Our next big liveaboard expedition will take you from Waisai in Raja Ampat to Misool and further down south to the Banda Islands before continuing to Ambon. The diving in Raja Ampat is world renown. Our journey will focus on the southern parts of “The Four Kings” area, with Misool offering you the best of the best with reefs that seem never ending. The Banda Islands are a group of ten small volcanic islands with interesting historic forts from the time of the Dutch Empire. As you descend below the surface, the underwater life will amaze you with its sheer beauty and abundance. Ambon is loved by every enthusiastic muck diver, but one should remember, this is not all the area has to offer. [Read more] delete

Most divers will have heard something about the diving in Raja Ampat and south from there, and usually the comments include words such as “amazing” and “outstanding”. The reefs are some of the most pristine you will ever see, with vibrant colors, teeming with a variety of marine life you will struggle to find elsewhere. Big fish like dogtooth tunas, bumphead parrotfish, Napoleon wrasses and schools of barracudas are a regular sighting. If you have a bucket list of sharks you wish to see, here is a good chance to maybe tick some off; white tip, black tip and grey reef sharks and the peculiar wobbegong sharks and walking sharks. With a bit of luck, maybe a thresher shark or, who knows, even a whale shark. Mobula rays, eagle rays and the majestic manta rays. You will lose count on how many different types of angelfish, anemone fish, triggerfish and other beautiful reef fishes you will see. And for the divers bringing their macro-lens; pygmy seahorses, pipefishes like the lovely ornate and robust ghost pipefishes, nudibranchs in all colors, shapes and sizes. And so on…

What about the rest of the day, when you are not diving? The scenery is out of this world, from the limestone cliffs of Raja Ampat to the volcanic islands of Banda. Dolphins and whales are often spotted from the surface. You will have a few chances to put your feet on solid land to look around the harbors when the boat makes a stop to restock. In the following sample itinerary, you will also find that there is a scheduled visit to one of the forts and a “spice tour”.

Visibility: 20-30 meters

Current: medium to strong

Level: intermediate to advanced. We recommend you have at least 20 logged dives

Water Temp:  26-29 degrees centigrade, however deep water upwellings and thermoclines can drop the temperature down to 25 degrees.


Sample Itinerary

Our schedule will always be determined by several variables such as weather and other conditions at sea, possible marine life sightings etc. Waisai – Misool – Banda – Ambon is a vast area with an overwhelming number of sites to dive. Rest assured we are planning to visit the best locations to give you a lifetime diving experience.  With 30 dives you will see areas that you might have read or heard about, but you might also dive on reefs where no one has dived before.

DAY 1:

Waisai. Step on board the Jaya. Our Cruise director will give a welcome briefing and you will be introduced to your home for the next two weeks. After introductions and a tour around the vessel you will have ample time to set up your diving equipment before going for the first dive of the trip.

DAY 2 – 5:

Central Raja Ampat, Misool, Kun Island

DAY 6 – 10:

Banda Sea, Banda Islands.

Halfway through the trip there will be a day without diving, to give you a chance to visit one of the forts in Banda and a “spice tour”.

DAY 11 – 13:

The Island of Ambon and surrounding areas

DAY 14:

Time for farewells as it is the last day. You will disembark from the Jaya in the Ambon harbour.

This is a very rough schedule and the activities on any specific day may change.


What’s included?

  • 30 dives
  • Pick up from Meridien Hotel in Sorong and ferry ticket from Sorong to Waisai
  • 3 meals a day
  • Drinking water, tea and coffee
  • Light snacks and refreshment
  • Fresh towel and linens
  • Weights, weight belts and tanks

What’s excluded?

  • Flights and hotels
  • Dive and travel insurance
  • Laundry services
  • Diving equipment
  • Marine park fee (for foreign nationals) and harbor fee
  • Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages

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