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Komodo has amazing diving with fish filled and nutrient rich currents. Some dive operators shy away from the currents, avoiding sites when and where the current is present, and avoiding Komodo’s best diving!
At Current Junkies we know that the currents are one of Komodo’s defining features. With the right gear and preparation current adds to the dive, not hinders. The currents bring an opportunity to witness Blue Planet like pelagic feeding and hunting unmatched anywhere else in the diving world!
Add to this the chance to see mantas, sharks and fantastic sea life and you’re in for one fantastic dive. Current Junkies aims to provide thrill-seeking divers with a unique action-packed trip by taking full advantage of Komodo’s tidal movements and currents. Simply by offering flexibility and hitting dive sites at the optimum time – rather than when a rigid schedule dictates – divers will be given the chance to experience Komodo at its best.
Trips will be personally led by Nick or other certified Current Junkies DMs. Once in a while we host manta expert, Ellie, on board as she conducts her important conservation research on Manta rays. Thanks to their vast experience and professionalism, along with the top quality equipment available, safety will remain paramount.


Manta Ray Komodo LIveaboardSome of the best dive sites – Batu Bolong, Batu Sabun, The North Face – are situated in the middle of straight between Komodo and Rinca and are thus exposed to the strongest currents in the National Park. thanks to the sheer volume of nutrient-rich water passing over these reefs ever day, the life found on these pinnacles is second to none. The safe window to dive these sites can be very short and larger dive operators therefore opt out. With just one small group to manage and ample time, we on the other hand, can offer these sites almost every trip.
Perhaps the most impressive feature of Komodo National Park’s underwater paradise is simply the sheer number of fish on offer. Dive sites like Castle Rock, Crystal Bommie and The Golden Passage boast some of the largest schools of fusiliers, surgeonfish, giant trevally and reef sharks in Indonesia Current Junkies enters these dive sites with absolute precision in both drop point location and timing to allow you to experience the amazing bait balling and hunting action that these dive sites have become so famous for as a small group, we can be engulfed in the action instead of seeing it from a distance.
One of the reasons Komodo National Park has become so famous is its healthy population of manta rays. Several dive sites, including Manta Alley, Karang Makassar and The Cauldron, provide regular manta ray sightings, sometimes offering up to 30 Mantas in one dive. Komodo is the perfect place to get up close and personal with these incredible majestic creatures. Caring about the conservation of these threatened creatures, Current Junkies supports manta ray conservation efforts by sponsoring local manta expert, Ellie from the Marine Megafuana Foundation, onboard some of our trips as she conducts important research.
As well as all the big fish action on offer in the Komodo National Park, there is also some amazing macro life available. Dive sites such as Waenilu, Siaba Besar and Cannibal Rock provide some of the best critter diving around: Pygmy Seahorses, Frog Fish, Shrimps, Nudibranches, Flat Worms, Scorpion Fish, Dragonets, Octopus and much more.


Current Junkies provides a 5 day/5 night liveaboard, diving the best dive sites around the Komodo National Park and beyond.
Each trip will depart on Monday between 12-1pm from Labuan Bajo, Flores and will return to Labuan Bajo around 3pm on the following Saturday.
The trip will consist of 14 dives: 1 dive on the first day and 3 dives per day during the week, and 1 or 2 dives on the last day depending on trip schedule to give a total of 14 dives.
Current Junkies takes a maximum of 4 guests per trip, but we can accommodate 5 guests for a full boat charter.
This means we can dive as one group and avoid coordination problems: We can wait next to a dive site until the currents are literally millisecond right and then drop in together to give us the best chance to see all the action! With the smallest dive group in Komodo we have the best chance of spotting the likes of sharks, mantas and if we are very lucky maybe even dolphins in close range. [more about Current Junkies Boat]

Schedule and Prices

Komodo 2017

6 Feb – 11 Feb 2017 Available
13 Feb – 18 Feb 2017 Available
20 Feb – 25 Feb 2017 Available
27 Feb – 4 Mar 2017 Available
6 Mar – 11 Mar 2017 Available
13 Mar – 18 Mar 2017 Available
20 Mar – 25 Mar 2017 Available
27 Mar – 1 Apr 2017 Available
3 Apr – 8 Apr 2017 Available
10 Apr – 15 Apr 2017 Available: Manta Junkies” with Marine Megafauna Foundation‘s Ellie
17 Apr – 22 Apr 2017 Available: Manta Junkies” with Marine Megafauna Foundation‘s Ellie
24 Apr – 29 Apr 2017 Available
1 May – 6 May 2017 Available
8 May – 13 May 2017 Available
5 Jun – 10 Jun 2017 Available
12 Jun – 17 Jun 2017 Available
19 Jun – 24 Jun 2017 Available
28 Jun – 1 Jul 2017 Available
3 Jul – 8 Jul 2017 Available
10 Jul – 15 Jul 2017 Available
17 Jul – 22 Jul 2017 Available
24 Jul – 29 Jul 2017 Available
31 Jul – 5 Aug 2017 Available
7 Aug – 12 Aug 2017 Available

Five days, Five nights Liveaboard, 14 dives: USD$ 1095
Repeat Current Junkies and Dive Pros Discount: USD$ 100 off!
Dive Equipment Rental (if required) for 5 days: USD$ 100
Komodo National Park fee for 5 days: USD$ 75
Only 4 guests per trip.

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Raja Ampat 2017
“Manta Junkies” with Marine Megafauna Foundations‘s Ellie and the Current Junkies team!
Raja Ampat expedition to Dampier and Misool onboard the beautiful phinisi A’boya
For this trip we can take up to 8 guests.
Dates: March 4th – 15th, 2017 (12 days)
Price: 2,880 USD (king size bed; twin share) and 2,400 USD (bunk beds; 4 per people per room)
Mission: manta madness and the best reefs of the planet.
Shoot us an email if you are interested

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