Introducing the Secrets of the Cost of Komodo Diving

We all know that scuba diving is not one of the cheapest activities you could partake in. Especially when travel comes into it. The name Komodo is renowned for its world-class diving! Especially within the diving community in Indonesia! The destruction of our environment means our excellent dive sites in Komodo National Park are deteriorating.

Now is the time to visit and experience the beauty of the underwater world before it’s too late. The more visitors who consciously visit the better. More awareness equals more funding for conservation of corals and underwater life.

Now is the time to visit and experience the beauty of the underwater world of the Komodo National Park before it’s too late. The more awareness that the conservation of coral and marine life the better.
Let’s get down to it. The moola, dosh, the green stuff, money. Whether you’re a travelling budget backpacker or splashing out on your all-inclusive holiday vacay, there is a place for you.

Diving for the budget backpacking traveller

Depending how much of a hardcore diver you are you may prefer to pick a day trip boat over a liveaboard. Now onto the cost of Komodo diving and what to look out for.

Liveaboards for the budget backpacking adventurer

Liveaboards seem expensive at first. But keep in mind they include your night’s stay, that means no extra nights at the hostel. As well as all your food included for the duration of the trip. So if you break it down it can be affordable. One of the best ways to experience the national park is definitely liveaboards. It is also the only way to get night diving in.

Not to mention having the glorious Komodo National Park all to yourself. Floating out on the water and watching the stars at night is an experience in itself. 

To keep costs of trips at their lowest, book dorm-style accommodation. If you’re a budget traveller we don’t doubt this is a new experience for you. Make sure you pack a good pair of earplugs with you. You’ll want all the sleep you can get while on a liveaboard. Diving all day with the amazing underwater creatures is tiring. 

Keep your eye out for last-minute deals and out of season specials. The wet season (December – March) may have you concerned about travelling but do not fear! It is actually a splendid time to be out in the park and diving. It doesn’t rain so much in the park as it does on land. It also matters less when you’re going to be spending your days wet and diving.

It’s time to dive into the lovely Komodo waters to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity of world-class diving.

Day trips the perfect balance of experience and budget travelling

You may not have the time or nor hardcore about diving, days trips can be a perfect alternative to a liveaboard. Liveaboards can cater for all abilities and skill levels. They can also tailor the diving experience for your needs. Most day trips leave in the morning at about 7am and arrive back in the evening at about 5-6.30pm. The offer 3 dives per day but you can choose to only do 2 if 3 dives are not your thing.

A biggy when it comes to travelling is food. Get your money’s worth by finding a boat with a large buffet-style lunch, so that you can fill up for the day and save some rupiahs! 

Lunch and snacks are provided on Scuba Republic Komodo’s day boat. This is all prepared by an onboard chef ensuring food is hot and fresh.

You’ll find around town that the price of diving is about the same. There is a community of dive stores that are a part of DOCK (Dive Operators Community Komodo). The prices of the stores within this group are about the same. There are stores around town that are more expensive. Your best bet is to shop around.

A larger day boat will allow you to kick back and relax after a dive. Scuba Republic Komodo’s dive boat has enough space for even an onboard chef!

Accommodation for the saving traveller

Labuan Bajo has a plethora of options when it comes to your night’s rest. With no hesitation, our suggestion a hostel for your nights on land – La Boheme Hostel is a good place to start. It’s only a short walk away from the Scuba Republic store and the main street with everything you need! Now here is the real kicker. If you stay with La Boheme and dive with Scuba Republic Komodo then you can score yourself a discount on both! Make sure you ask at the time of booking.

There are plenty of places around town to find accommodation at. Hopping onto or Hostel World will come up with plenty of choices. Caio, La Seaesta and Dragon Dive are all crowd pleasers.

Diving for the big spender

Have you been saving up for this big holiday? Ready to splash out to enjoy your diving? Why not invest in yourself? Take a course, you learn many great new skills when you enhance your diving education.

Living large on liveaboards

Komodo is home to many beautiful luxurious liveaboard yachts. They offer everything you need from international chefs to state of the art scuba gear. Not to mention the high comfort of the private cabins. All aboard a liveaboard to world-class diving in Komodo!

It’s time to live large in the stunning underwater world which lives within the Komodo National Park.

Day trips for the luxury

Most companies in Labuan Bajo provide high-class day trips into the park, some even sporting brand new boats! The trip to the park takes about 1.5-2 hours on a slow boat. You want to find yourself a large comfortable boat with plenty of space to stretch out and relax.

Luxury is also shown through the quality of food that day boats served. Not all boats have onboard chefs to prepare delicious and fresh-made lunch. If you’re spending all day on the boat diving, you want to make sure you’ve got a filling hot meal waiting for you. But above all, you’re looking for safety standards on your dive trip. When searching for the best day boat for you, ask your hotel reception for the in-house dive company or partner.

Accommodation for living in style

Labuan Bajo is a town full of options with a range of price points. Most of the 4 star and above hotels are situated a little bit out of the main town. This provides the utmost peace and tranquillity away from the hustle and bustle of the main town. Their locations also provide the best vantage points for sunrise and sunsets! A not-to-miss occasion while staying in Labuan Bajo.

Don’t worry about the distance of getting around town. Most of these hotels have a shuttle service to get you around the hills of Labuan Bajo. Or there are always taxis to get you around from place to place.

With so many hotel options, you are bound to find your little slice of luxury in Labuan Bajo.

Now you’re all keyed into the secret of the price of diving and staying in Komodo, go forth and adventure! The wonders of Komodo are waiting.


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