The Insider’s Guide: When To Visit Komodo And Labuan Bajo

The big question that’s on everyone’s lips! When should I visit Komodo? Easy. Komodo is great all year round!

Done? Not quite.

This is Indonesia and of course, the weather plays a major part in your travel plans. It dictates how you spend your time and what you can realistically achieve while on your holiday.

Most people will tell you in Asia there are only two seasons, dry season and wet season. They aren’t completely wrong. Let us break visiting Komodo into four seasons so you can decide which month suits you best!

Let’s start here, wet season…

December – March: Labuan Bajo’s wet season

Don’t stop reading yet! The wet season or rainy season is usually spoken about unfavourably wherever you go. That doesn’t mean you can’t still have a memorable trip.

During this time is when the park is at its most beautiful, in our opinion. The rain brings beautiful lush greenery to the islands making it very picturesque. It’s peak time for wild Komodo Dragons! Keep your eyes peeled while staring at the beautiful scenery for Komodo Dragons. Let’s face it, Komodo Dragons are an animal you can’t miss out on visiting rain or shine.

Lucky for those who are less of a landlubber and more of sea dwellers, it doesn’t usually rain much in the park itself. You are going to enjoy yourself on a boat out of Labuan Bajo then on land. This is a great time to go and visit Padar island and pink beach while its quiet and not too much rain in the park.

If you are on land expect rain, all day. On occasion, during the day the weather can become very lovely. But prepare yourself for rain throughout the night, most nights.

It’s important to keep in mind that throughout this season fewer trips running in the park. This is because of demand as well as weather conditions. But never you fear! There are always businesses operating to show off the beauty of the park.

Although this is not a popular time to visit Labuan Bajo, it can be one of the greatest times to miss those crowds, and most importantly – get into the water and dive into Komodo! With so few tourists around you’re almost guaranteed personal service around town!

Komodo National Park during the wet season is still as beautiful as ever. Also this season brings in the chance to see wild Komodo Dragons.

April – June: Sunny days for Bajo

The wet season starts to dry up at the beginning of April. The days become sunny and beautiful, with only some rain overnight. It is humid during the day, like most of Asia.

The national park is brilliant, flourishing and green after rejuvenation of the rain. In May the islands are thriving with animals. Perfect opportunity for photography and trekking.

The seas become calmer and water visibility improves! What are you waiting for? Time to get into that water and explore the dive sites! There are plentiful activities to partake in the park if diving isn’t so much your thing. A couple of our favourites (after diving of course) is getting into the crystal clear waters or hopping on a liveaboard trip.

Manta rays, what you’ve been waiting for! Now they begin to slowly migrate back into the park, this increases your chances of spotting one. Even though this is not the peak high season for manta rays they are still spotted.

Blue whales migrate through the park around this time too. Equally exciting! Your chance of spotting one is higher than any other time of the year.

This is also the time when the elusive Hiu Bodoh, (and no we’re not talking about our day boat namesake, Hiu Bodoh we’re talking about actual whale sharks!) starts showing up. Often talked about, occasionally seen and rarely caught on camera. This is the time you’re most likely going to spot a whale shark passing through. So get your camera ready!

Come June, the high season begins and the rain almost completely disappears. With the crowds brings the hot weather. This turns the islands beautiful orange and brown colours.

When the weather dries up it brings out the sun and heat. This begins to turn the islands into brilliant bright burnt orange colours.

July – September: The arrival of high season

Hey! You’ve made it! It’s now officially high season in Komodo and Labuan Bajo. This is the time where you’re going to find the most people around town, on boats and at Paradise Bar!

More people does mean more boats and more trips going out each day. You do need to be a little more savvy about booking accommodation and trips during this period, as spaces fill up fast! Our suggestion is to book your accommodation for at least a month or two in advance if you want the best place. For diving, you can pre-book at most companies before your arrival. But most of the time you should be safe to pop past the store a couple of days before to secure your space on the boat.

During these months winds pick up a bit in the park and the seas become a little rougher. This doesn’t hinder day trips going out, onwards and outwards!

You’re almost guaranteed dazzling hot days in Labuan Bajo and Komodo with little to no rain at all. This is a great time to get out into the park, enjoy the islands and their secluded beaches. The water, as usual, is glimmering and inviting so jumping in with any water sport is advised.

Mantas are starting to migrate into Komodo from the south and outside the park to feed and mate for the season. Your chances of swimming with one of these beauties skyrockets, so keep your eyes peeled.

Another exciting point for many fruit-loving expats is that mangos begin to come back.

Every season is a good season to jump right into the beautiful clear waters of Komodo National Park. What are you waiting for!

October – November: Little known gem season

Many locals say this is their favourite time of the year to be in Labuan Bajo and Komodo. September is the tail end of high season and there is a dramatic decrease in the number of tourists. There is still plenty of people around to go out on day trips regularly.

The weather is still fantastic with it being not too hot and not too humid. The park is bliss to be out and about in. The visibility of the dive sites up north begins to decrease. Some dive companies begin to adventure down south of the park. This is only for a short period to experience the unbelievably amazing diving. By November it does begin to become humid and a little bit wet during the nights.

Manta rays begin to disperse out of the park to their next destination. Best to jump in to swim with the mantas while you have the chance until they return next year!

Accommodation becomes more readily available now too with more vacancies around. This is the best time to find yourself a good bargain around town to come visit.

In October, avocados begin to come back into season and so do other fresh fruit and vegetables. This brings an abundance of fresh local dishes to gorge yourself on.

It is always a melancholy time returning to Labuan Bajo after a special day spent in the park. Lucky there are trips that go out every day!

Now if you’ve made it this far – we know, there is a lot here to digest. We hope this has inspired your plans to get out to Komodo and Labuan Bajo for a visit at the first chance you get!

As they say… “there’s no time like the present” to get to Komodo!

Don’t believe us? Let us convince you, drop us a message and you’ll be booking your tickets in no time.

There's no time like the present to get to Komodo! With natural wonders and beauty it is hard to stay away for too long!


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